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StarKist Smart Bowl Burrito Hack

Looking for a quick lunch or snack with a decent amount of protein? And inexpensive?  How about a burrito in less than 5 minutes? I recently came across a new product from StarKist called Smart Bowls. These are their version of a grain bowl. Fully cooked, they can be eaten from the pouch or heated […]

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Foods high in added fats and refined carbs are like cigarettes – addictive and unhealthy

You might like both, but guess which has addictive properties. Peter Dazeley/The Image Bank via Getty Images Ashley Gearhardt, University of Michigan Please Note: This is a reprinted article about food addiction and the poor choices we make Every year millions of Americans try to cut down on ultra-processed foods – industrial formulations that are […]

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Guest Food Bloggers

Cooking for Better Mental Health

Learning How To Cook: An Optimistic Approach Towards Mental Stability Cooking for better Mental Health   A guest post by Farhana Aslam The act of cooking is a mild yet effective step towards better mental health. The statement stated above might seem like a stretch, but it’s true. Your culinary activities can actually boost serotonin levels […]