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There are many means to reach that “Cooking to Impress” level,

Cooking to impress on a budget? a Crock pot or slow cooker is your friend
A slow cooker or crockpot can help you Cook to Impress

There are many means to reach that “Cooking to Impress” level,
It is not about becoming a super chef. It is about becoming comfortable cooking. You start with a small goal. Cooking one dish very well. Creating your specialty, that one meal that your friends and family will rave about. The item you are comfortable bringing to a pot luck dinner.

Once you have accomplished that once, create a second dish. Before you know it, you will be comfortable inviting friends over for dinner, or lunch, or staying for breakfast.

In my book, which if you have not purchased a copy you need to, I show different ways of cooking. I also talk about a young lady that worked with me. She was a non-cooker, married, but the mother-in-law cooked dinner each night. I was having causal meetings with my manager to plan upcoming events. I would cook dinner and we would talk afterward. The dinner grew until the entire staff was attending, and it turned into a cooking to impress event. Everyone wondering what meal was next. The young lady would come early and help me prep. Along the way, she started to be comfortable cooking, and soon, she had her own special dish. And her husband thanked me.

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