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Cooking to Impress — Voted Best New Lifestyle and Cooking Book of the Year (by readers in the Authors family)

Cooking to Impress is the first lifestyle and cooking book by Travel and Scuba diving writer Charles Davis. A guide for those who do not cook. You do not need to be a great chef to create a meal that will impress your guest.

Get in the Kitchen cooking to impress

Get in the Kitchen

The book gives you an overview of cooking. The different methods and what they mean is the springboard that will get you started. Learn about herbs and spices. Start with the basics, then apply them to a selected dish. Practice until you get it right. Make it YOURS, Own it.

Then add another meal or a dessert. Soon you will find that you can cook.

Put Life into Your Lifestyle

When I was in high school. I could not even get a date. It felt like that when I left home, I would do so alone. I figured, I better learn to cook, so I did not starve to death. Back then there were fewer choices for fast food and the only takeouts from restaurants were dogie bags.

While I did learn some fancy dishes at first, it was mostly simple foods for a long time. When I started to travel to different parts of the world, I learned how to cook the local dishes that I enjoyed. In Korea, I learned a number of local dishes and became very good at cooking them. I even started to consider myself a gourmet when it came to Jjigae.

Jjigae is a soup that has kimchi and tofu. I would make it often and could identify regional differences in recipes. My wife, Yong, and I was once in a restaurant where I ordered it one evening. When I tasted it, I commented to Yong that the cook was from Pusan. She replied that she knew the cook, and she was from Seoul. I told her this was a Pusan variety.

She had the cook come out and asked her where she was from and the cook replied Seoul. Yong gave me a see-I-told-you-so look. I told the cook I thought it was a Pusan variety, to which she replied that it was an old family recipe from her Grandmother who was from just outside of Pusan.

That was the start of my international cooking. Over the years I have expanded to other cuisine.

Today, I am more than comfortable fixing a meal for guest or bringing a main dish for a pot luck dinner. You can too.
You can purchase the book  on the Amazon website.

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