Cooking to Impress



Cooking To Impress

There comes a point in just about everyone’s life where they want to cook a special dinner. It might be for a special someone, maybe a newly weds first dinner at home, or a wide number of different situations. If you never cooked before, it can be a daunting situation.

cooking to impress

Cooking To Impress

This book is not about making you a chef, it is not a cookbook nor a how to book. While it will include some of those elements, It is more of a concept book. It is about creating your specialty, the dish that will impress someone with your cooking. However, there is no reason to stop at one. A chef has to know about the full range of cooking, you will start with just basic preparations necessary to prepare a meal or two. The recipes in this book are used as examples of what you can do. They represent some of my favorite “Cooking to Impress” dishes. Each can deliver an unforgettable meal that only you will know was easy to prepare. The book will discuss other items that will help you turn a simple meal into a culinary experience.

There are many people, like my mother, who just love the cooking competitions shows on television. These shows pit chefs against each other often requiring them to create a course with some strange ingredient. They all come out with some amazing dishes. You will often hear, I never cooked that before. That is because professional chefs are not limited to recipes, they can make them up as they go along. Yes, in a restaurant the cooks follow recipes created by the executive chef. Still, there is some creativity going on.

A chef spends years in training honing their skills, then they learn on the job and if they are good and lucky they may open their own place and make a name for themselves. As a “Cooking To Impress Chef”, we just need to learn some basics and refine what we good to meet our desires.

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Introduction to Cooking to Impress
The Who and what of the book
Chefs have some general concepts that most home cooks do not use. Here we will discuss some of them
Your Kitchen
you do not need a fancy kitchen to cook impressive meals