cooking for better mental healthh

Cooking for Better Mental Health

Learning How To Cook: An Optimistic Approach Towards Mental Stability

Cooking for better Mental Health   A guest post by Farhana Aslam

The act of cooking is a mild yet effective step towards better mental health. The statement stated above might seem like a stretch, but it’s true. Your culinary activities can actually boost serotonin levels while having a positive impact on your mindset. No, we’re definitely not implying that you can cook your way out of a depression episode or an anxiety attack.

Cooking for better mental health
Cooking for Better Mental Health

Creative Expression and Sense Of Accomplishment

Cooking in particular is an act of creation, which indirectly diverts your attention from the triggers displeasing you at that particular moment. Furthermore, mental anomalies often make you feel so disconnected from yourself that you’re more likely to render yourself useless.

The feeling of accomplishment has the power to turn around your day in a minute by making you feel important once again.
For the sake of cooking something you’ll get out of your bed, take out some Ingredients and start following the recipe. By the end of the whole process and after witnessing what you’ve just created you’re bound to feel like you’ve at least accomplished something today.

An Instant Serotonin Boost

Now, you might be wondering “What’s serotonin got to do with my GAD?”. Yes, you’ll be shocked to discover that both these things that seem worlds apart are actually somehow interconnected.
“Serotonin is a hormone responsible for the stabilization of our emotions, happiness, and mental wellbeing.”

Lack of serotonin can sometimes lead to the development of mental anomalies like; general anxiety, trait anxiety, depression, etc. If you’ve been going through a dry patch in this regard then it’s more likely that you’re facing serotonin deficiency.
Although there are other ways too, serotonin production can also be increased by doing things you seem to enjoy or trying out new things like baking. So, what’s more, pleasing than a perfectly turned-out TikTok-famous instant chocolate cake? Furthermore, there are plenty of organic foods and dietary items that have been scientifically proven to increase serotonin levels. Some of these include; Salmon, Tofu, Cheese, Eggs, Pineapple, Turkey, Nuts, etc.

cooking for mental health

The Fine Line Between Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Generally, people who struggle with a mental disorder are more likely to minimize their day-to-day activities. Taking this under consideration it’s fair to say that such people would rather order take out than go out to get some fresh pantry items. Once you start focusing your attention on cooking your meals you’re more likely to eat healthier items. Your daily dose of Chinese takeout and other fast food items can cause an equally impending doom on your physical and mental wellbeing. Once you’ll start looking good, you’ll start feeling good as well.

A Small Step Towards Reconnection

Food connects people like nothing else. Families are more likely to discuss a wide range of topics at their dinner table than during any other portions of the day. Why not get your dear ones involved and cook something special for the weekend? The act of cooking for someone you love can make you feel efficient.

Moreover, when people appreciate your cooking it can also boost your self-esteem. Consequently, the act of something as simple as cooking can have astonishingly pleasant effects on your mental wellbeing.

Final Words about Cooking for Better Mental Health

So, what’s your plan for tonight is it a sweet or savory kind of night? It doesn’t really matter if you’re starting with some casual, everyday staples. As long as you’re finding comfort and psychological solace in what you’re cooking you’re on the right track.


Cooking for Better Mental Health.

Comment by Charles

In the Cooking to Impress book, I quote Graham Kerr that cooking is an act of love. We all know that love is great for our mental health. The love we put into our cooking raises the quality. It is hard to explain, but we all know it is true.

I am sure we all know someone who turns to cooking or baking when they are upset. It is an anchor to them, it keeps them sane.
I did a search one day on cooking and mental health. I was shocked by the number of studies about the link between cooking and better mental health. Most days I just cook to have something to eat. However, at least a few evenings each week, I cook to make something special. It might be something new, or an established favorite. I really do feel a mental boost these days. There is no need for a scientific study to convince me that cooking for better mental health is real. I just need to step into the kitchen with the goal of cooking something special.

Cooking is great for improving your physical health as well


About our guest writer:
Farhana Aslam has an MS in clinical psychology. She is an experienced writer and a psychologist with 5+ year’s field experience. Farhana has done her practice in clinical and mainstream settings, having the heart to help people to solve their problems and give them advice through counseling sessions to make their lives stress-free.


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